En conversation avec le JAPON

Chatting with Japan

Exulting the beauty, traditional's kimono and japanese hakama's trouser refinement. Redefine the cut in new jacquard's textiles and rediscover the happiness of dressing yourself, away from the fashion's diktats. Living the kimono and the hakama trouser to magnify our natural elegance.

Kimono and hakama

From the simple architectural geometry to the extreme refinement of the pattern for an almost theatrical look.

Our Values

A theatre of materials

Nature, which favours emotions, tells us about time, light, colours and shapes. It is an infinite field of sensations and inspirations that the designer carefully reflects in her choice of patterns and colour combinations for sumptuous jacquard and printed fabrics.

All our fabrics are OEKO-TEX certified, a quality label that certifies sanitary and ecological quality of textiles, and guaranteeing the absence of toxical products for body and environment.

The femininity

Humble and sensual, the minimalist and innovative cut of kimono wraps up the body more than it emphasizes its shape. The head, the nape of the neck, the hands or the forearms are subtly highlighted. The kimono rhymes with elegance and natural beauty.

It shapes the thinest body to the broadest shoulders.

The inner journey

A dialogue between body, soul and spirit. Being fully oneself.

Kimono is like a second skin. It is about the intimacy of the body, simplicity, bareness, acceptance of one's singularity, while remaining in touch with the secret beauty of the world.

They talk about it...
I'd never thought that the kimono was an outfit for me. But the fabrics were beautiful, and when I wore it for the first time, I was blown away!
— Chiara
Pantalon hakama Chino :
Superbe qualité, beau coupé. Génial.
— Carole - Pantalon Hakama CHINO
Wearing my hakama trousers is an incredible experience, like a waltz of fabrics around my legs.
— Gabrielle
I wear it like my second skin. I feel wrapped, ready like a peaceful warrior.
— Mathilde
Hopefully, colors and true materials in my everyday dressing.
— Capucine
Je suis tellement contente de mon kimono que j'adore. 1000 merci Catherine!!
— Cécile - Kimono ASAGAO
KIMONO vraiment magnifique.
La tenue que j'ai reçue est exceptionnelle. Très belle qualité et un style génial. J'adore !!!
— Carole - Kimono ASAGAO - Pantalon Hakama MATSU
Les kimonos reçus sont splendides, tissus élégants, couture et envoi colis très bien suivi avec des échantillons d'autres tissus. Un grand merci pour votre création et réalisation que je trouve exceptionnelle. Un régal de les porter.
J'en commanderai d'autres, c'est certain.
— Florence - Kimono KAGOME

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