Nature revitalizes me

My choices of materials, patterns and colours are directly inspired by time of contemplation, spent in the mountains, as they surround me everyday. It makes me feel a gentle inner melancholy and the discreet elegance of time passing.

I also love to observe details of vegetation, the opulence of a wisteria bed, a tuft of grass in spring, a jumble of dried branches in summer, to express the weave of a textile.

I love Japan

This almost theatrical OBI kimono, the Japanese applied arts, Zen wabi sabi philosophy...

All this insular and distant, subtle and authentic, with an omnipresent symbolism culture, takes me to another time where slowness is always praised.

Japonism feeds me

This period represents an infinite source of reinvention, of nourishing my soul, my feelings and my creation.

This new artistic movement at the end of the 19th century, directly inspired by the discovery of Japanese prints, places femininity in the natural element, while seeking to express the inwardness of the human psyche.

There is a strong desire to escape from reality towards a more positive and joyful vision, with the sole aim of embellishing life. We find Paul Poiret in fashion, the Nabis in painting, Eric Satie in music...

Eizan Kikukawa (1787-1867), Beautiful Women in front of the Matsuzakaya shop, nishiki-e polychromatic print, triptych, 1813-1814